The Estate


Summer up in Inverbroom is one of the best times of year to visit. Walking the hills in rain or shine is always an experience. Long days and short nights mean outdoor activities are far easier. Take a trip out onto Loch A’Bhroain on the boat, enjoy the many paths along the river broom and the higher beautifully pathed gorge routes too. The river is particularly lovely, hopefully full of trout and salmon when in season. Maybe get your eye in with a few clays too!


Arguably one of the most amazing times in the highlands. Beware though, roughly 9 days out of 10 are very cold, wet and windy at lodge level and snowy, freezing cold (and windy) at high ground level. There is the odd occasion where the weather improves and you can make the most of the gorgeous surroundings. The hill walks and the river paths are still idyllic and more open than the summer months.