Bookings made at this property are made under the followings terms:


Payment Terms & Refunds - FAQs  Covid-19 ( Updated 14th September 2020)

We do hope that all our customers are continuing to stay safe and well.
We strongly advise that you take out Travel insurance to cover your holiday should you need to cancel due to a change in circumstances.  

Normal Terms and Conditions.

The let will be for the period inclusive as indicated in the particulars. Entry to be after 4.30pm on the day of arrival and exit by 10.30am on the day of departure. Tenants must adhere strictly to the above times to facilitate changeover.


The total rental is as set out in the particulars inclusive of agency commission and any applicable VAT.

Payment Terms

10% is payable as a non returnable deposit, to confirm the booking payment by online payment by credit card. If the balance payment has not been received by the due date, the Landlord reserves the right to re-let, whilst holding the Tenant liable for full payment.

If the Tenants cancels after payment of the deposit and/or cancels or fails to make the final payment, the Landlord will endeavour to re-let. If the Landlord is successful in re-letting, amounts paid by the Tenants in respect of the let will be refunded, subject to deduction of re-letting expenses (including commission and any applicable VAT) and any loss of rent. Any loss of rent through tenants cancellation is the Tenants liability.

If the Landlord cancels the booking, the liability arising out of the cancellation of the booking for any reason whatsoever will be restricted to reimbursement of the monies paid to date or the cost of the sport and accommodation booked, whichever is the lesser, unless specifically stated otherwise in writing. The Landlord will not cancel the letting otherwise than in circumstances of emergency or an inablility to perform this contract outside the Landlords Control 


Neither the Landlord nor any agent(s) of the Landlord accepts liability for personal injury or illness or loss or damage to luggage or other belongings or for any delay, inconvenience or other loss. The Tenant on his/her own behalf and on behalf of all persons staying at or visiting the Property undertakes to pay proper respect to the nature of the terrain and facilities and the vagaries of the Scottish weather. The Tenant and his/her party will be solely responsible for their personal safety. Any equipment that is used is entirely at the risk of the persons using it.

Without prejudice to the responsibilities of the Tenant and his/her party, the Tenant and each member of the party shall have Third Party Insurance for a minimum of £2,000,000 (Two Million Pounds Sterling).


The instructions and decisions of the Landlord and its staff on all matters relating to the sport are final and must be followed by all concerned. Failure to carry out instructions may result in the cancellation of the remainder of the sport. In the event of cancellation in terms of this Clause there will be no right to a refund or to compensation.


The Tenant will have the use of Inverbroom Lodge for the period of the let. The maximum number allowed in the Lodge at any one time is stipulated in paragraph 7 of the particulars. Duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, towels and dishcloths are provided.The Tenant will indemnify the Landlord for the cost of replacing any items of glass, crockery, linen or any other item damaged during the tenancy. The Tenant must treat all fabrics and furniture with care and avoid spilling drinks or burning holes with cigarettes. The Tenant will be charged for any damage done. Smoking is only permitted in the sitting room, games room and dining room and then only subject to adequate ventilation, the closing of all doors leading to such rooms and the prompt removal of ash and debris.

The Tenant accepts the Property to be in a good and sufficient order and repair, and in a clean and tidy condition and is responsible for leaving it in the same good order. The Tenant will pay for cleaning costs to return the Property to the same condition as at commencement of the Tenancy other than the cleaning of linen.

The Tenant shall contact the stalker, Mr. Craig Macintosh in advance of commencement of the tenancy to confirm details of the Tenant’s party.

All catering is the responsibility of the Tenant at his/her expense.

The Tenant undertakes to vacate the property strictly on time at the end of the period of let.

Total number in the party:

Details of party. Please list full names of all members of the party and ages of any members under 18.


The tipping of keepering staff and domestic staff is a traditional part of British shooting etiquette and is strictly personal between the sportsman and the staff. As a guide we would suggest a minimum:

Stalker £40 -£50 /rifle/day

Stalking Ghillie £15 - £20 /rifle/day

Fishing Ghillie £15 rod per day

Housekeeper & Staff £15 /person/week

Cook £25/person/week



4 rods salmon fishing on the River Broom, and trout fishing on various hill lochs. Fishing is by rod and line and artificial fly only, on six days per week, excluding Sundays. Tenants should provide their own fishing tackle. As part of the ongoing river management policy, all salmon and sea trout must be returned. Salmon fishing finishes on 30th September and trout fishing finishes on 6th October.


Expectation 2 stags.An estate rifle can be supplied if requested, subject to any applicable regulatory requirements. All beasts shot will remain the property of the estate unless otherwise agreed. Tenants rifles must be fit for purpose and confirm to the regulatory requirements to stalk red/roe deer.

The Tenant will be responsible for the security and safekeeping of weapons and ammunition during his/her stay. Ammunition will be paid for by the Tenant. The Landlord will provide suitable ammunition for the estate rifle.

All shooting tenants must be in possession of a current valid Firearm/Shotgun Certificate and Game Licence.


It is illegal for anyone under 14 to shoot deer. Those aged 14 and over may do so but only if they have their own firearm certificate and use the weapon listed on that certificate, suitable for stalking Deer. Individuals over 16 years of age may stalk under supervision.

No shooting is permitted on a Sunday.


The owner/agent reserves the right to charge the full reimbursement cost of additional cleaning if there are dogs present. Dogs are welcome but must be confined to the ground floor and are not allowed on the furniture under any circumstances. Dogs are not to be left unattended at any time.

Snooker Table

The snooker table at Inverbroom has recently been repaired and refurbished. New baize has been fitted. Guests are very welcome to use the table carefully but must take care not to damage the table. In particular:-

i) All children must be supervised at all times;

ii) The table is only to be used for playing snooker or billiards and no other game or activity whatsoever;

iii) The table must be covered when not being used;

iv) All damage must be reported to Cathy MacKenzie

The Landlord hopes that you will understand the necessity to draw these matters to your attention – to have the table recovered does not leave much change out of £500 and the Landlord does wish the table to be available undamaged for future guests.

Swimming Pool - Private use only Not available to guests. 

The Estate Boat

The boat takes 6 passengers whether adult or children. A ‘one size’ life jacket is available, and should be worn at all times whilst in the boat. These life jackets are unsuitable for children under 12 years of age. If any parent wishes a child under 12 to travel on the boat, they must supply their own life jackets to fit their child.


If there is more than one Tenant referred to in the Particulars their liability shall be joint and several. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in allowance with the Laws of Scotland. The Tenant agrees that any and all notices, correspondence or legal papers shall be properly served upon the Tenant if posted by prepaid first class mail to the address(es) appearing in the Particulars. In the event of any dispute hereunder (other than the non-payment of rent), the matter shall be settled by arbitration, each party to appoint an arbitrator within fourteen (14) days of being requested to do so by the other, failing which the same shall be appointed by the Law Society of Scotland whose decision shall be final and binding.